Webvan Founder, Louis Borders, Unveils eCommerce Model of the Future

September 3, 2020

MAY 14, 2020

Home Delivery Service (HDS Global), today unveiled a new model for at-home delivery of fresh groceries and general merchandise, setting the standard for next generation eCommerce. By combining industry-defining automation, AI-powered software, eco-friendly delivery totes, along with free home delivery, HDS provides an unrivaled end-to-end experience, fixing all that’s broken in eCommerce today.

“COVID-19 has revealed to consumers how supermarkets are unnecessary middlemen, between their families and the fresh goods they need”

The dramatic shift from in-store to online grocery shopping, brought on by COVID-19, has exposed the limitations of today’s eCommerce offerings. Most notably, how human-powered fulfillment centers are struggling to keep up with surging eCommerce demand, and how pick-from-store services are charging exorbitant delivery and service fees – if in-store shoppers are even available.

HDS recognized these inadequacies early on and spent years developing a touchless, robotics-powered new service model. Starting with the $1 trillion fresh grocery segment, HDS is poised to rapidly become consumers’ preferred eCommerce destination.

The Next Generation of eCommerce

While traditional retailers and online mass merchants must continuously update their legacy fulfillment systems to meet evolving consumer needs, HDS has been built, from the ground up, with touchless, automated fulfillment at its core.

The company is turning this vision into a reality with RoboFS, its game-changing, patented automated fulfillment system. RoboFS removes all human hands from the fulfillment process, dramatically increasing throughput to meet high consumer demand, when it matters most. Combining intelligent vision and AI with mobile and articulated robots, RoboFS transforms how goods are received, stored, picked, packed, transported, and delivered, resulting in fresher-than-store groceries, direct to the customer’s front door.

At the same time, the company’s AI-based software platform powers a highly-personalized user experience, built around each individual shopper’s dietary needs, preferences, and brand favorites. This also includes items such as made-to-order meats, poultry, seafood, and other prepared foods – customized to each shopper’s exact specifications.