HDS ecommerce
Rapid service with personal home delivery. Fresher-than-store groceries. All of your general merchandise needs. Lower prices with no fees or tips.
Highly-automated robotic fulfillment system
RoboFS is a full-stack technology platform and the key to profitable ecommerce fulfillment. Its primary workflow is touchless, eliminating all touch points of goods from receipt to delivery to the home.
Our vision
There is so much unmet promise of ecommerce. With Home Delivery Service, we are out to transform your experience. Learn how it can be so much better for you and the environment.
In the news
January 21, 2022
A robot-powered logistics startup led by the founder of Borders Books is trying to raise $100 million to take on Amazon and Instacart in the grocery delivery business
January 14, 2022
HDS Global Officially Launches Its AI-based Robotic Technology Center, Unveiling the Future of Ecommerce
November 2, 2021
Brands and Mass Market Retailers Are in a ‘100 Year War’ That Could Unseat the Reigning Titans
August 25, 2021
The Next Big On-Demand Thing – The Robotics Enabled, Cloud Kitchen
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