BRANDCHANNEL – Coronavirus: Brand Moves for Thursday May 14

September 3, 2020

MAY 14, 2020

Online accommodation booker Airbnb, which has cut 1,900 employees – 25 percent of its workforce – is providing a showcase for ex-staff in the form of a public talent directory. Laid-off employees can opt in to have their LinkedIn profiles, bios and work samples posted online. The website is being widely shared by Airbnb employees across social media. The list of ex-employees being posted to its talent directory reflects Airbnb’s change in strategy. More than 50 former marketing employees from around the world have opted to have their information shared on the site, with job titles from Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, Brand Marketing Manager of North America and Olympics to Global Marketing Lead. Several roles fall into the areas Airbnb is backing away from, including roles like Head of Growth Marketing for Luxury and Market Coordinator for Hotels. The “design” section of the directory already features more than 75 former employees, including roles such as Experience Design Lead, Senior Creative Producer and User Experience Writer. At least 15 more fall under “art and creative” with job titles like Global Lead of Branded Merchandise, Art Director, Global Editorial Creative Lead and Head of Photography Content: Experiences. The list also contains 29 former Airbnb data scientists and five analysts, including Analytics and Insights Senior Analyst and Business Analyst: Hospitality Teams.