Robotic Fulfillment System
One architecture to receive, store, sort, convey and pack
Tray system
Removable compartment, up to 8 SKUs per tray, shippable, reusable, palletize-able
Cart & AMR
A sorted batch of trays, mobile transport, anytime anywhere, eliminating sorters and conveyors
Tray storage
Dense, shelf-less storage (RAM), high-speed extractor, sorting and storage in one process
Receiving and Pack
Re-use of the core technology in the tray storage module, high capacity buffer (cache)
Feature-rich tray storage module
High utility
  • 20’ vertical
  • Minimal vertical and horizontal gaps
  • >4 trays/minute
  • Random access
  • Embedded power and network
  • Embedded sprinkler system
  • Standard floors
  • COTS motors and structural steel
  • Extrusions for aluminium
  • Tower sides are “standalone”
  • No rack field adjustments, no shelving
Tray/cart/rack is the core tech in the receiving and pack modules
Receiving module replenishes compartments and trays
  • At manual receiving stations, operators fill compartments and trays
  • At robot stations, match compartments in trays to support automated pick & pack - same pick gripper, weight, height, affinity and sales rate
  • IO stations manage all tray IO, accumulates empties
or filled, and sequences receipts
Pack module automates pick and pack
  • Order containers unloaded by side loaders and
conveyed on a route
  • Inventory trays stored in the IO stations - fast and medium movers - buffered and always available with
only slow movers coming from tray storage
  • With multiple pick stations and a range of grippers,
targeting autopick at 95%
  • 1,000 order containers per hour, any order size
RoboFS and our Program can deliver a competitive advantage
One architecture, E2E, touchless
Rapid deployment
100% configurable
Low cost
Do you have large-scale fulfillment operations in your distribution, ecommerce, manufacturing or sortation business?
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